44. Someone Working

During our recent trip to the Balkan countries, we visited many beautiful Orthodox churches and I found them so different from the great cathedrals of Western Europe. The interiors were mostly covered with beautiful icons and we heard a lot of stories about the meaning of them.  Maybe I will find a category so I can post one of those photos. This post of Someone Working is a woman whose task is to keep the church clean. Interesting though, is that women cannot clean the altar area — only men can work there.Someone Working

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46. Still Life

As I was walking through the charming streets of Odessa, I saw these chimneys and I was enchanted by them. They reminded me of a children’s poem about a crooked house. I wonder if the apartments inside this building are as interesting as the chimneys.Still Life Odessa

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26. Masked

Woman in jiqab II Arab family


I had to do a bit of research to learn that this mask is called a “niqab”. This family was in Istanbul and a fellow photographer and I asked if we could take their photos. The husband was very friendly and encouraged us to photograph them. The woman never said a word but the children were very lively and happy.


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21. It Happens Over Time

I have never been much of a procrastinator but, I got lazy during the holidays and stopped posting photos. Now, it has all caught up with me and I am trying to make a come-back! Tongue in cheek: maybe my procrastination could be called “it happens over time”!

Anyway, I took this photo in Varna, Bulgaria at the Public Baths of Odessos . It is one of the most preserved architectural monuments of the Roman Age in Bulgaria (1st – 4th century A.D.) On the premises the baths had different functions: a hall for pouring with cool water, for pouring warm water, for pouring hot water, restrooms, and a heating room.

When I saw this spot on the grounds, with the modern apartment building in the background, I thought it would be perfect for this title. Represented is a time period from 1st century A.D. to today.Roman Baths Varna



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18. Holiday Spirit

A few months ago I started volunteering at  Sarasota’s Girl’s Inc. where the girls are “inspired to be strong, smart and bold”. After an interview, I was assigned to work on special events, something I love to do. My first assignment was to plan the first holiday open house at Girl’s Inc. for 300 community leaders, the girls and their parents. I was to choose the theme, menu, find craft ideas for all the girls to make and decorate the building. The event took place on Dec. 12 which is why I haven’t posted my photos for several weeks!

Once everything was planned the staff and girls got very busy making wonderful decorations; the kitchen baked 300 gingerbread girls and 300 shortbread cookies. Whole Foods generously provided all the ingredients for all the food.

The theme for this event was “The Elf on the Shelf” which the girls heartily embraced. The younger girls formed a caroling chorus and the older ones wrote and produced their original “Elf on the Shelf” skit.

I couldn’t choose just one photo so here are three.Mini-chefs Play Reindeer girl





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Week 16: Solitary

I call this Solitary … in a crowd.  Last month I spent a week at Disney with my daughter and her family. The occasion was to celebrate Will’s Golden Birthday: he was 4 on October 4.

Because he was too small to go on some of the rides, I was in charge while the older siblings went with their parents. Of course, all little kids think they are big enough to do anything. On this particular day, Will was not going to be left behind. My job was supposed to take him for ice cream but he wouldn’t have anything to do with it. He threw a temper tantrum like only a child can, kicking and screaming (loudly!) I couldn’t pick him up because he was too mad so I sat on a nearby wall to wait it out. Some people walking by were horrified because they thought he was lost.Will's tantrum.edit

After about 15 minutes, he gave up and we went for ice cream. I know, I shouldn’t have rewarded him, but I am a grandmother  after all!Will & ice cream

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Week 15: 39 — Shot Through Glass

As we were taking a bus tour through Odessa, Ukraine on September 21, we had to stop for quite a while to allow all the marchers to parade past us. They were moving to a square in the middle of a street. We learned that on that day there were peace marches in Odessa and Moscow. You will see that most of the people are young and there were military people as well.

During our two days in Odessa, I had occasion to speak to several Ukrainians and was surprised at how many spoke English. One woman told me that the Ukrainian people get along well, that the conflict is all “politics”. One day I shared an umbrella with a young couple from Kiev and I asked him what he thought of the problems between Ukraine and Russia. He said “Putin is Hitler!” It made me sad to think these people continue to live with oppression. This is such a beautiful city that suffers from much poverty.Freedom Walk I.editFreedom Walk II.editFreedom Walk III.edit



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